Beadwork – A look into my studio

When I started doing beadwork and custom jewelry,  I was utterly amazed how many supply elements are required . . . especially if multiple techniques are involved.   For instance, there is a staggering number of threads and wire on the market . . . what type is to be used depends on the weight of the beads & components used, what type of techniques are  used to create the piece, and even what type of drape you want your finished piece to have.  Knowing which material to use comes only with experience.  Then, too, there is the other end of the supply spectrum . . . beautiful beads and findings from all over the world, found objects that have wonderful artistic potential,  polymer clays, surface treatments, leather & wood components . . . the list goes on and on!   I have been doing beadwork for several years now, and no matter how “much stuff” I amass,  it seems I never have the one thing I need as I am in the midst of a project.   I probably run into this problem more than the average beadwork artisan, as I like to “ad lib” most of my designs and don’t actually know what I need until I need it.  The pictures below will give you a small idea of the supply inventory that I keep on hand, and I can assure you that these pictures are not an adequate portrayal.  If you decide you want to get into beadwork, be prepared to empty out closets and drawers in preparation!

Last modified on: March 23rd 2012.