Custom Jewelry – My Original Design Patterns

Every once in a while, I get in the mood to create weaving design patterns. All of the ones shown here are my own original design work. Some have been featured in publications, some I have not submitted. This is not a complete catalog of my original designs . . . prior to my ownership of a digital camera, I didn’t always photograph them.

* Peyote Stitch Amulet Bags

“Hidden Menagerie” – I designed this bag with a sliding lid and the fun feature of having hidden several animal shapes among the seemingly abstract color patches. The animals may be found by turning the bag every which way. If I remember correctly, I had 20+ animal shapes hidden throughout.


The Witch Amulet bag (below, photo by my mother) was designed especially for my mother in honor of her Halloween birthday. This design was featured in Bead & Button magazine as well as in “The Big Book of Beading Patterns” (see my publications section).


* I designed these two pairs of earrings (one with a heart, and one with the cardinal, which is our state bird) to show my pride in my beautiful state.



* Square Stitch Designs

* Square Stitch Balloon Necklace – My mother loves hot air balloons, so this was designed in her honor.


Below is a close-up view of my “Mr and Mrs Bones” earrings (featured in Bead & Button Magazine and “The Big Book of Beading Patterns” (see Publications)


* Here are some of the many Square Stitch bracelets that I have designed . . .


Some of my other original weaving pattern designs can be seen under the “Special Projects” section – these are not jewelry items, they are beaded “quilt blocks” that were contributed to special projects as outlined in that section.

Last modified on: April 20th 2014.