Bead Weaving Techniques – Brick Stitch and its variations

Brick stitch is very useful stitch, and is very simple to learn.  As its name implies,  brick stitch creates a pattern very similar to that of laid bricks.  The one thing that sets this stitch apart from most of the other stitches is that this technique utilizes the under thread of the previous bead stitch for anchoring, as well as the normal interior thread pass of the new bead.  Because of that, it can be a bit tricky to learn how to increase the length of a row, but once you learn a few useful tricks and get a little practice in,  it goes very quickly.

The bracelets shown below are created using simple brick stitch for the ends, and basic stringing for the individual strands.  These bracelets are some of the best examples of simple brick stitch that I have created, and that best display the appearance of that stitch.  Another thing that I will say about this style of bracelet is that they make up very quickly, and would be a super project for a budding beadwork artisan.

Here’s a brand new one I just made for a friend who loves dogs:

Dog Bracelet - 01D



The necklace shown below (also shown in the Bead Weaving overview section) is one that I created using triple brick stitch.  (Note:  my adaptation was  based on a design by Carole  Collier,  featured in the August 1998 issue of Bead & Button magazine).  Triple brick stitch is not really all that difficult to learn (just a little harder to start and then hang on to), but you would want to get comfortable with simple brick stitch before attempting it.

Triple Brick Stitch

These dainty little amulet bags are fun and easy to make. . . .  I came across this pattern in a beading magazine, and I’ve made several.  The bag itself is woven entirely in triple brick stitch, which is essentially brick stitch done with a 3-bead stack instead of a single bead.  The bags have a flap closure and can be used to carry credit cards, cash, chapstick, or any multitude of other items.  You may weave any style of strap you wish.


Last modified on: April 20th 2014.