Custom Jewelry – Earrings (various techniques)

I hadn’t intended to make a category specifically for earrings, but since I probably make more earrings than anything else, I figured I might as well go ahead. I can honestly say that since I started making jewelry, I have made thousands upon thousands of pairs of earrings. Of course, I don’t have photos of most of them – with those kind of numbers, there is just no way to keep up!

Earrings - Misc 01Aa


Star Earrings - 01Aa

My brother loves to go out West, and he enjoys sampling the unique beers of some of the very unique breweries in that region.  He has collected several bottle caps from some of them, and asked me to make earrings from them for friends.  Here are some of the examples of my creations from the beer caps he provided:

Beer Cap Earrings - 01Aa

Beer Cap Earrings - Black Wasatch 01Eee

I love sparkly crystal, so I use that a lot in many of my creations. I think that crystal is especially effective in earrings because the effect is so pretty when framed by someone’s face. The pair shown below was created from a combination of polymer clay, metal, and Swarovski crystals.


Last modified on: April 20th 2014.