Custom Jewelry – Polymer Clay

As I mentioned on my biography page, I enjoy working with this medium for a variety of applications . . . I find it useful for making dollhouse miniatures, for making cabochons, beads, and embellishments for jewelry, and even for making such things as sculptures, key chains, and ink pens. The applications are endless, and since glass caning techniques work particularly well with this medium, special effects are easy to create. The pictures in the section are all of items that I have created using polymer clay . . . some are completely of clay, and some integrate bead work elements.




The necklace & bracelet set above and the cuff bracelet below were both created with Sculpey III polymer clay using caning techniques. The cuff also integrates minimal beadwork.

The set below was created with Fimo polymer clay using caning techniques.


The necklace and earring set below was created with Premo polymer clay using an ancient Japanese technique known as Mokume Gane.

In the photo (below) is another necklace I made using this same technique. Although the photo does not accurately portray this, it shimmers with gold and silver highlights, and is very striking.


I have made several series of pins from polymer clay, with varying themes. The pins in the photos below are some of my fantasy pieces. The pin on the left is entitled “Spring Bug in Bloom” and the piece on the right is entitled ” Angry Whomping Willow”.


The pins below are my vibrant versions of Lunar Scapes.


Sometimes, I like to think in abstract terms . . .


Sometimes, it is quirky flowers I’m in the mood to create . . .


Sometimes . . . I’ve got the jungle or the rain forest on my mind . . .


And then there are the days where I just want to experiment . . . . anything at all could be the result . . .


The polymer clay cuff bracelets below were made over an aluminum form to provide stability. Most were created with various caning techniques, but the one on the bottom (R) was created using the ancient Japanese Mokume Gane technique that is so dramatic and beautiful. For added fun, I embedded sparkly rhinestones in some of them.


Last modified on: April 20th 2014.