Custom Jewelry – Various Techniques

This section contains jewelry I have created using various techniques. Several of these pieces integrate several varied methods of construction, as well as varied media. Examples of techniques I have used in this section are: decoupage, wire work, paper crafts techniques, collage, etc. . . Varied media I have used on these pieces ranges from found objects (metal, plastic, wood, broken findings), paper,  raw wood & other natural materials. I often experiment with unusual objects and new ideas for techniques. .

July 24, 1014:  This piece is mainly constructed of peyote stitch (for the cabochon), and basic stringing.  I had an awfully hard time getting a decent photograph of it (the piece is a lot prettier in person) and the only background that worked for me was a piece of felt with ink marks on it . . . anyway, I hope you like it.  The enameled phoenix rests on a rose quartz beaded cabochon and is embellished with a necklace consisting of rose quartz, German crystals, Czech glass beads, Mother of Pearl beads, and several highly embellished beads from my “extra special beads” treasure trove. Phoenix Necklsce - 01AA - Scaled Each year, I create Halloween jewelry for my mother’s Halloween birthday.  It is a tradition she enjoys, as she always likes to add to her costume jewelry collection.  The piece I made for her most recent birthday was made by creating decoupage components and then joining them together.   I also made matching earrings Halloween-Necklace-for-Mom-01Aaa The  sample pieces shown below display some of the various techniques I have used. Various-Techniques-01A-650x433a The necklaces below were both created with multiple techniques. The necklace on the bottom, left (Rio) was created with the following techniques: Ogalala stitch (a Russian variation on Netting stitch), fringing, and basic stringing. The necklace on the bottom, right was created from polymer clay and beads, using the following techniques: molding, fringing, Peyote stitch, and bead embroidery. Necklaces-Misc-01A-650x48a7 The next two necklaces were created with entirely different techniques. The necklace below, left was created with polymer clay, using a sculpture over armature technique and simple bead weaving. The necklace below, right was created with simple stringing and an embellished wrapping technique. Necklaces-Mixed-01A-650x487a The two necklaces below combine decoupage and stringing techniques. I found some interesting wrapping paper that had these cheetah and lion motifs, and knew I just had to turn them into jewelry. I decoupaged each design on wood, cut it out on my scroll saw, and then drilled holes for fringe and stringing purposes. Decoupage-Necklaces-01A-650x433a The next necklace (photo, below) combines minimal bead embroidery with basic stringing. It was a bit tricky completing the bead embroidery base around the malachite cabochon because instead of using traditional seed bead couching, I chose highly textured sterling silver beads and freshwater pearls which caused me to have to modify my usual technique. This piece was published in Fire Mountain Gems catalogs as an artist’s feature. Malachite-Necklace-01-426x650a

Last modified on: July 24th 2014.