Toiletries, Make-up, and Luxuries

Every dollhouse needs some toiletries & luxury items to pamper the tiny mistress of the house.   I have already scaled these to proper size, as they are a bit fiddly to get right.  I will add to this group as time allows.

I love fancy soaps, and since so many come in beautiful boxes,  I have started making some of my favorites into mini printies.  The box with the cardinal would be beautiful in a Christmas dollhouse, and the goat milk soap box would be cute anywhere!

English Soap - 01AA.jpg

Corlin Farms Goat Milk Soap - 01AA.jpg

I love candles, and the Tyler candles (as shown in the box below) are some of my total favorites.  I just couldn’t resist making a printie of one!  This will be great to go with that luxury bath.

Tyler Candle - 01A

I already have one hair color printie (and it is SO cute made up!),  but I decided I wanted one of the actual product I use.  I thought you all might like this as well.

Revlon Hair Color - 01A

After your mini resident colors her hair,  she’ll want to work on her complexion, so here is a mini version of Avon’s Anew:

Avon Anew - 01AA

Last modified on: May 26th 2013.