There is a wide variety of beautiful dinnerware being created in the Asian countries.  China is well-known for its porcelain ware as well as its cloisonne.  Japan is famous for its Nippon ware.  I love the wide range of Asian ware,  as some pieces are bold in design and rich in color, while others are  ethereal and delicate in hue.  Almost all of these plate designs would make great miniature dinnerware or focal pieces to be hung on your miniature wall.

Plate - Antique Chinese 01CPlate - Floral Ironstone 01APlate - Qing Dynasty 01APlate - Royal Doulton Plum Blossom Maiden 01APlate - Antique Chinese 01EPlate - Antique Chinese 01APlate - Chinese 01APlate - Chinese Floral 01APlate - Chinese Floral 01BPlate - Chinese Peonies 01APlate - Chinese Peony 01APlate - Geisha 01A

Last modified on: May 26th 2013.