Italian Majolica

Italian Majolica pottery is absolutely breathtaking.  I have several pieces in full scale which can be seen under my “glassware” section.  Like Mexican Talavera, these pieces are vibrant in color and intricate in design.  Even when miniaturized, these command a lot of attention.  Enjoy!

Plate - Majolica 01DPlate - Majolica 01VPlate - Majolica 01QPlate - Majolica 01PPlate - Majolica 01ZPlate - Majolica 01APlate - Majolica 01CPlate - Majolica 01NPlate - Majolica 01BPlate - Majolica 01LPlate - Majolica 01SPlate - Majolica 01EPlate - Majolica 01KPlate - Majolica 01RPlate - Majolica 01JPlate - Majolica 01HPlate - Majolica 01TPlate - Majolica 01O

Last modified on: May 26th 2013.