Rugs can add a real element of drama to a miniature room, delineate living areas, and pull difficult color palettes together.  When you are working in a small space like a dollhouse,  a well-placed rug can work wonders.

As with all miniatures, one little rug can cost you a bundle on the retail market.   I have a nice collection of rug designs, and I can’t begin to tell you how much money you can save by printing these yourself.  You can print these on regular fabric sheets (I buy mine at Hobby Lobby) and then back them with your choice of backing, or you can print them on  suede-like printable fabric.  I really like this look, but the suede-like printable fabric sheets are quite difficult to find.

Because I have a sizable collection, I am going to categorize them by shape.  Please click on the links below to access the designs in the shape(s) you are looking for.

Rugs – Rectangular and Oval

Rugs – Round and Octagonal

Rugs – Square

Last modified on: May 27th 2013.