Rugs – Round and Octagonal

Round and octagonal rugs work very well in dollhouses to provide a focal point in a room.  I particularly love the cozy look that can be achieved by placing a pretty chair and a small table (full of interesting knick knacks) on one of these rugs.

I have provided fairly large files so that you can make room-size rugs if you wish.  You can enlarge or reduce the rugs, depending on how you wish to use them.  After all,  if you make a few that aren’t the size you want during your “trial and error” phase,  you can save the first tries for another miniature project.  Enjoy!

Rug - 02A

Rug - 03OO

Rug - 03PP

Rug - 03RR

Rug - 04K

Rug - 04V

Rug - 05L

rounds-black-kashmar-area-rugs-500_700_1_0_s_20_prog_sat1_3113840_main rounds-red-tabriz-area-rugs-500_700_1_0_s_20_prog_sat1_3018123_mainRug - 01IRug - 01JRug - 01KRug - 01ORug - 01QRug - 01RRug - 01SRug - 01TRug - 02FRug - 02IRug - 02LRug - 02ORug - 02PRug - 03ARug - 03CRug - 03DRug - 03GRug - 03KRug - 03LRug - 03ORug - 03PRug - 03S

Last modified on: May 28th 2013.