Coppertop Cabin

This particular dollhouse, built by my brother (Chester Guy) is a real favorite and everyone who sees it says that they wish it was a full-size cabin so they could live in it.

It is also the first “deliberate” dollhouse that my brother built for me. After I talked him into modifying the “Chester’s Retreat” cabin he had built as a model (not originally a dollhouse, although it was the proper scale), he told me that he could “build one better than that”. I told him I would love for him to build me another cabin, and this little beauty is the result of that promise.

He worked on this cabin several months, and I was excited that he kept me posted on its progress via emails and photos. I was amazed at all of the truly exceptional details he included, and perhaps even more, by the complicated electrical system he devised. He wanted this system to be foolproof and sturdy, and it truly is. He also devised a unique doweling system for the log construction . . . again, for longevity. This house is very lightweight, but amazingly strong. When he decided to put the gorgeous copper roofing on it, he realized the roofing would have to be custom-made. After consulting with my father (Ronald Guy), a special system was devised for my brother to create the roofing, and I love that both of them were involved in this part of the project.

After the cabin structure was complete, I got to have my fun – doing the interior design and landscaping. I always have a theme for my miniature houses and this one actually has 3 separate themes: (1) Christmas (I just had to landscape this cabin in a snowy setting!), (2) Bachelor-style living, and (3) an interest in Native American history and artifacts. Although my brother is actually a married man, with 3 sons, I did base element #2 on him. He enjoys playing the guitar (did you notice the one in the den?), some healthy R & R (what guy wouldn’t love that game room???), and hiking & exploring the old west. The third element was included for two reasons: (1) my Native American ancestry on my father’s side of the family, and (2) the western travels that my brother enjoys often culminate in visits to Native American sites. He always enjoys visiting those historic sites and learning their histories. Look closely at the photo (below-R) . . . on the agate table is a tiny collection of arrowheads!

Throughout this house, there are many one-of-a-kind artisan elements. Most of the Native American “artifacts” were created by my good friend and well-known artisan Jude McQuay of Dusty Acres Miniatures (California). The gorgeous oil painting in the den was painted by my sister Maxine Guy-Davis (Johnstown, Pa) using a tiny “paintbrush” she created with one of her eyelashes and a toothpick. This painting is based on a favorite full-size painting by Thomas Kinkade. “Studly” the cat was created by well-known miniaturist Alice Zinn. My brother made the lovely trestle table & benches in the dining room.

In typical bachelor form, the resident of this cabin has his computer, printer & fax machine, and t.v. in his bedroom. Apparently, the t.v. is tuned in to a nature program (see, it’s on!). There are also several travel guides for specific western sites on the shelves of his desk. Did you notice that the globe is lit? Apparently, he has been planning another trek!

In the two photos below, it is obvious that the resident is having guests over for dinner. Notice the southwestern motif dinnerware on top of the wall cabinet, the padded potholder & oven mitt, and the condiments. On the table, a spread of goodies is prepared . . . it looks like it’s going to be a nice get together!

In the two photos above, you’ll notice details that clearly say “this is a man’s bathroom”. Notice the tiny hand-cobbled leather work boots (made by an actual English Cobbler) by the bench & the clothes laid out on top. Also, did you see the metal hanger on the clothes rack? Look closely at the ledge of the mirror & you’ll see a shaving mug & other shaving accessories.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Coppertop Cabin! Come back soon!

Last modified on: April 1st 2012.