Dollhouses – Quarter Scale (1:48)

While this scale is definitely one of the “tinies”, it is one I particularly like because it is small enough that one can easily fit 3-4 of these on a shelf for display, yet large enough that more detail can be included in the furnishings than is possible in the 1:144 scale or the 1:288 scale.

I have made several houses in this scale, and I always enjoy doing them. I mentioned that it is possible to include more interior detail in quarter scale than in the smallest houses: well, yes . . . having said that, however, I would like to point out that it is possible IF you are able and willing to create most of your own furniture & accessories. Furnishings in this scale (especially nice ones) are still very rare on the miniatures market.

The first house that I am going to show you, from my Quarter Scale collection, is one I purchased. The reason I chose this one to showcase first, rather than one I created, is because of a couple of special attributes: (1) This house was created from cigar boxes . . . something that used to be done a good bit in by-gone years, (2) After doing some research, I discovered that this particular house was created by a well-known artisan in this particular style of house. Since I do not have documentation proving it, however, I have not included the information about that artisan in this post. The daughter of the artisan prefers to have only the numbered, documented pieces acknowledged. At any rate, I am delighted with this piece. It opens in the front, and I have included a photo of that aspect, so that you can see that each room is fully decorated, even when the house is closed. Also, several of the TINY pieces of furniture are upholstered . . . something that is a real rarity in this scale.

Last modified on: January 21st 2013.