2013 New Additions to My Collection

In this section, I will simply be posting pictures of my newest acquisitions for your enjoyment.  Be sure to check back often as this is one category that promises to offer frequent updates!!

As I near the end of the year, I have a brand new project in the beginning stages.  I am excited to let you know it is another collaborative project with my brother, Chester.  That always means something extra special!

Shown below are a few of the treasures I have selected for this project.  Yes, it gives you a hint of what type of project it is, but that’s all I’ll let out for now (grin)!

Antique Gas Pump

Display Case - 01AaCoke Machine - 01Aaa

Cash Register - 01Aa

Reutter Mens Accessoriesa

After having been utterly miserable for the last 10+ years at my job, I managed to undertake comprehensive training and transfer to a much nicer location, where the management actually treats the employees like real live human beings.  To celebrate this much-needed life change, I treated myself to two very, very special artisan pieces (both by Susan Knoer of Louisville, KY).  I LOVE them!

The tiny rooster stool (shown below) is hand-hooked.  Too cute!

Hooked Rooster Stool

The unbelievable Wedding Ring quilt is actually hand-pieced and quilted just like its full-size counterparts.  What a treasure!

Hand-Pieced Quilt

I love peacocks, and when I found this interesting firescreen (all the way from the Netherlands, shown below),  I could immediately envision it in any one of several of my dollhouses.  After minimal consideration, I happily added it to my collection.

Peacock Fire Screen from Netherlands - 01AA

For some time, I have thought that I would like to create a miniature lighthouse . . . in anticipation of making that happen,  I have started collecting some great miniatures for such a setting.  The 3-D picture (shown below) is one of those pieces.

Lighthouse Scene in 3-DA

While I tend to mostly collect artisan miniatures, I find an occasional mass-produced item that is so charming, I can’t resist it.  I particularly love pretty miniature dinnerware and tea sets.  The one shown below was one of those that I just had to have.

Lovely Dinnerware - 01B

Springtime Treasures - 01AA

Springtime Treasures - 01BB

The lovely floral arrangement (above, left) was custom-made by an artisan on Etsy.  The beautiful cranberry glass dish (above, right) was crafted by one of my all-time favorite miniature glass blowers . . . Philip Grenyer from England.  To see another of his beautiful pieces, check out my artisan miniatures section.  I hope to eventually add more of his pieces to my collection so that I can make an entire china cabinet full of his cranberry glass.

The metal piece shown below is a half-scale old-fashioned style stove from the very well-known Durham Industries line.  It is surprisingly heavy to be such a small piece.

Durham Industries - Half-Scale Stove 01AA

Upscale - 01AA

Victorian Chairs - 01AA

Lovely Dinnerware - 01AA

Tool Bench & Tools - 01A

Halloween Towel & Potholder Set - 01AAA

Halloween Treasures - 01AA

Needlepoint Pillows - 01AA

The beautiful needlepoint pillows (shown above) were purchased from a shop on Etsy.  I absolutely love them!

Doug Guy Carvings - 01AA

These fantastic miniature carved birds from from an artist named Doug Guy (Vermont) – we have both wondered whether we are related, but as of yet, neither one of us has been able to ascertain whether that is, indeed, the case.  The owl (far left) is a barn owl, and the two birds on the right are:  Top – Avocet,  Bottom – Mockingbirds.  I am a huge fan of this artist’s work – it is even more beautiful in person, and it is amazing how detailed it is considering its minutia.  I also have a miniature pair of carved Redwing Blackbirds by this artist – it may been seen in the Middleton Manor listing (under 1:12 scale dollhouses).  Just scrumptious!

The quirky little camel (shown below) is a piece that I came across and knew I had to have . . . with his comical expression, I knew I could come up with something fun for him (I’m still thinking on that one!)

Quirky Camel - 01AA

The two pieces shown below are both pieces I have set back for specific projects . . . and here’s a teaser for you . . . they are for two separate, but somewhat related projects . . .    That’s all I’m telling you for now!

Halloween Minis - 01AA

The wonderful ornamental fireplace shown above was created by Jan LeBow, and the beautiful hand-turned acrylic vase was created by C.W. Lubin.  Aren’t they just awesome?

Reminder:  check back soon . . . more to come!


Last modified on: December 8th 2013.