Miniatures – by Guy Family Members

If you read my biography, you know that I have been blessed to be a member of an extremely artistic family.  This has brought me more joy than you can imagine.  My first dollhouse (tragically lost many years ago in a house fire)  featured beautiful handcrafted furniture by my father, Ronald Guy, a tiny hand-pieced quilt and various other treasures by my maternal grandmother, Grace Middleton, and beautiful painted motifs on much of the furniture by my elder sister, Maxine Guy-Davis.

Although I deeply regret the loss of that first much-loved dollhouse and its contents, I am thrilled that in my more recent collection, I have been able to include pieces from each one of these family members, as well as more recently recruited family members, Chester (my brother) and his son, Keith.  I only have one piece (a lovely china-painted soup tureen which is in the College Street House) from my grandmother, as we lost her many years ago, but I treasure it and am so glad that her artistry is represented in my collection.

The family members that are still with me are constantly recruited for their talents, and I will feature their work separately in this section.  Enjoy!  And, NO (grin),  they are NOT adoptable . . . I keep them busy enough!

Miniatures by Rhonda Guy (me)

Miniatures by Chester Guy (my brother)

Miniatures by Maxine Guy-Davis (my sister)


Last modified on: January 21st 2013.