Custom Furniture & Accessories by Chester M. Guy

If you have visited my dollhouse gallery, you already know that my brother, Chester Guy, is a talented miniaturist and that he has built a number of beautiful miniature dollhouses for my collection.   His talents in the miniature arena extend far beyond the houses, though . . . he has created a plethora of miniature items that range from beautiful pieces of furniture (completely custom-built, using his own design ideas) to tiny rustic frames with hand-cut mats.  And, of course, there must be something lovely to put in those tiny matted frames – to that end, he has contributed many of his exceptional scenic photographs,  perfectly miniaturized.  My most cherished miniatures are those created by my many talented family members.

For Christmas (2012), I received many wonderful gifts from my brother, but my ultimate favorites were the many wonderful miniature pieces of furniture that he painstakingly created for many weeks prior to Christmas.     The  furniture was all left unfinished, as Chester wanted to leave my options open.   That was a kindness I much appreciate,  as it is much easier to apply the finishing touches when I know where and how I want to use each piece.

The first item (shown below) is a free-standing swing.  I really love this piece, and can hardly wait until I decide where I want to showcase it.  Chet left the chains unattached so that I won’t have to dodge them when I decide whether I want to stain or paint it.  Thanks, Chet!  You definitely saved me some difficulty later on!

Collage - Standing Swing 01AA

Photo (above) by Chester M. Guy

The next items shown are a fantastic lounge chair and table set that was an elaborate adaptation on an idea I had asked him about.  I was really thrilled that he took it upon himself to design something much more exciting than I had suggested.  And, best of all?  I actually have a pair of these lounge chairs . . . I just showed one so that you could really see the detail!

Collage - Lounge Chair & Table 01AA

(The above photo and all following photos by Rhonda Guy)

Chester and I both have a great fondness for natural woods, and  Cedar is one of our favorites.  In the photo grouping below, he used this Red Cedar to great effect.

Collage - Cedar Collection 01AA

Top Left:  Bookcase,  Top Right:  Modern Accent Table,  Bottom Right:  Shaker Firewood Box

Another use of natural woods that we both greatly admire is that of “rustic stylization”.  I absolutely love the wonderful planters shown below.  Both styles required Chet’s skill with hand-whittling and the round planters required use of a lathe, as well.  Bravo!

Collage - Rough-Hewn Planters 01AA

The wonderful hand-whittled bench is a perfect match for the planters.  I love how the grain was accentuated by being whittled.

Collage - Rough-Hewn Bench 01AA

I often tell Chet about ideas I have for projects, and it is obvious that he listens . . . the magazine rack shown below is a piece I needed very badly for a project that I am working on.  It is EXACTLY what I wanted, so I was thrilled when I discovered it in my box of treasures!

Collage - Magazine Rack 01AA

Check out this beautiful table . . . I have already decided where it will be used, and have added my own choice of paint and stain.  You’ll see the finished version when the house in which it is featured has been completed and published.

Collage - Large Modern Table 01AA

I had (not so casually) mentioned to Chet that I would love to have some corner cabinets, and I was very pleased to receive this pair:  they can be used connected (as shown) or separate.  I had thought that I might paint them, but the grain is so beautiful that I am sure I won’t be able to bear the thought of covering it up!

Collage - Corner Shelves 01AA

And, check out these wonderful “cubby shelves”.  I have so many ideas of where and how to use these that I don’t know how I will ever narrow it down!

Collage - Cubby Shelves 01AA

This amazing desk was something I requested – or at least I thought I did – the truth is, Chet’s design is  much more beautiful than anything I had in mind.  The pebbled finish that he applied gives it a really sleek, modern look, and even the inside is finished beautifully.

Collage - Pebbled Desk 01AA

An early piece of miniature furniture that Chester made for me is this gorgeous Red Cedar chest.  I love the way he so carefully selected just the right sections of wood to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

Chet - Cedar Chest 01AA

Featured in the Coppertop Cabin dollhouse, this beautiful trestle table & bench set (shown below) was also one of the earliest furniture creations my brother undertook.  I think these pieces are absolutely beautiful.

Chet - Trestle Table 01AA

In addition to the rustic bed (shown below) being one of the first pieces of miniature furniture that my brother ever made,  it is featured in the very first dollhouse he ever made (Chester’s Retreat Cabin).  I think it really adds to the rustic essence of that cabin.

Chet - Rustic Bed 01AA

I will be adding some more photos of Chet’s contributions very soon . . . some of his amazing miniature matted & framed photography, etc. . .    Please be sure to check back – you won’t want to miss seeing these!

Also, if you would like a quick look at the miniature structures that he has built for me,  you may follow the links below:

Chester’s Retreat Cabin

Coppertop Cabin

Middleton Manor

There are actually already 2 more, but I am currently doing the finishing work on them, and they won’t be posted on here until after they are published.  I can promise you one thing, though – they are worth the wait!  Chet did an amazing job on them and I KNOW you are going to love them!!!  Also, we already have another collaboration in the planning stages that is going to be a MAJOR undertaking, and I am hugely excited about it!










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