My Miniature Creations (excluding the dollhouses, which are posted separately)

I am always making little odds & ends to go in my dollhouses as a miniature setting just doesn’t look real without all the little knick knacks of daily living.  I am always on the hunt for items that I can adapt for miniature use, and it makes a trip to the Goodwill store or a yard sale a lot of fun.  The nice people at my favorite Goodwill store are always interested in helping me find things that will be useful in my miniature world, and they always get a kick out of seeing those items when they are eventually used in one of my houses.  It is amazing how many “real life” items can be adapted for use in miniature settings:  bottle caps, candle holders & toppers,  scrapbooking ephemera, electrical components, etc. . .

This section will be added to on a regular basis, as I search out the items I have made over an extended period of time.  I will provide subcategories so that you may view items that are of particular interest to you, but I hope you will also take time to visit the other categories when you can.

Beaded Miniatures

Florals – Arrangements, Wreaths, Etc . .


Miscellaneous Items








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