Miniature Plates

One of the things that I love to make are plates with actual china patterns. There are a lot of pretty dinnerware sets available on the miniatures market, but none that I have found that are “real patterns”. In order to increase the authenticity of the interiors of my miniature abodes, I have created a plethora of miniature plates in real-life designs which I love using in a variety of ways. I have created miniature antique china from all over the world, iconic classical china such as the “Blue Willow”, commemorative decorator plates, holiday plates, etc. . . I have even made tiny replicas of handpainted plates, and miniature metal serving platters.

In order to show the design detail, I am showing a single plate of each design. I have, however, made up entire sets of these for use on miniature tables and to fill miniature hutches. These photos are, of course, larger than the actual plates. I thought a larger picture would better display the design area. Unfortunately, the camera flash picks up the glaze I use and adds glare . . . these actually look much nicer in person. But, for something this tiny, this picture quality is probably about as good as I am going to get.

Plates are a great way to accentuate specific design themes. For instance, do you love cats? A fully-stocked hutch full of cat dinnerware is something you don’t often see in a dollhouse, but it can be easily achieved and add real charm and individuality to your tiny home. Display your personal interests and dress up that tiny table or decorate a wall

Celebrate the season with a fashionable holiday table . . .

Or, just add some pizazz to match your dollhouse decor . . .

I love Polish pottery, and these miniature versions are just as pretty as their full-size counterparts!

I’ll be adding more plate pictures as time permits . . . I have made a LOT of different sets!!!

Last modified on: January 21st 2013.