Playmobil Furniture & Accessories – 1980’s to Present

I don’t have very much Playmobil because it is really expensive.  But, having said that, I also want to say it is expensive because it is very well made, very detailed, and one of my favorite brands.  If I ever “hit the big one”,  I will do my best to obtain one of the Playmobil 5300 Mansions & all its accessories.  Even though it is plastic, that is one marvelous dollhouse!

My mother is always on the lookout for interesting dollhouse miniatures for my collection, and I was super excited when she found me several of the pieces of furniture that actually do go with the 5300 I mentioned above.  Some of the detail items are missing (such as kitchen accessories & sconces),  but the pieces are truly adorable and I know I will find nice uses for them in various projects.

I haven’t yet photographed any of the pieces I have, but I PROMISE I’ll add pictures soon.  These are favorites, and I want to share them with you!

Last modified on: April 17th 2012.