Petite Princess Furniture & Accessories – 1960’s

I am especially fond of this line, as I distinctly remember having a lot of it when I was a child. I also love it because it is some of the earliest commercially available American dollhouse furniture that was made of wood, with real upholstery. There were also plastic pieces, but they were much more detailed than the plastic pieces made by other companies in the previous decade. Even today, I would be likely to use some of these pieces in my custom dollhouses if the style was right for the theme. Many of the Petite Princess pieces came in more than one color scheme or fabric. For instance, the bedroom set (Top, L) also came in a pretty powder blue. The sofa & chair set (Top, R) also came in other fabrics. When I was a child, I had this same set in a soft olive green with tiny medallions. I also had the green “marble topped” round table (Bottom, L). The coffee table (Bottom, L) and 2 chairs (Bottom, R) are pieces that I did not own as a child, but am glad to include in my collection now. Over time, I hope to re-build my Petite Princess collection. As I obtain pieces, I will add photos.

Although I have the matching dollhouse listed separately (see Non-Traditional Dollhouses), I am posting the photos (below) to show you one of the houses that was available for housing these furniture collections.

Last modified on: April 17th 2012.