Tomy Smaller Home and Gardens – Furniture & Accessories 1980’s

I don’t have much of this line (yet, grin) but I really do love it. The pieces are very well made, and are in the 1:16 scale which is a very useful scale – especially for someone who loves the Polly Pocket dolls and likes to fix houses up for them.

This little record cabinet and stereo (see photo below) are really cute. The LP’s aren’t shown in the photo, but I do have them. (I’m not so sure the little chair is Tomy . . . I think that one may be Fisher Price, but I’ll have to look it up).

The Bentwood Rocker below and the cat are both Tommy

I know I have at least a few more of these pieces, so I will be adding to this section as time permits.

Last modified on: April 17th 2012.