Roomboxes – Various Scales

The roombox shown below is a commercially made piece by the Boyd’s Bears company.  I thought it was too cute to pass up.

This room box (shown below) is set in the Tudor period. The lovely doll was made by Virginia Weber (Indiana), and the exquisitely painted window scene and oil painting were both done by my very gifted elder sister, Maxine Guy-Davis.

This next item is a fabulous miniature potting shed which was created by my elder sister, Maxine Guy-Davis. I plan to include additional pictures at a later date, as there is so much amazing detail that one photo cannot possibly capture. She carried this all the way here on a plane, and not one single item was broken in the process! It is a cherished gift.

The next room box is one that I created, entitled “Western Traveler Gallery”. I made this in honor of my brother’s interesting website entitled Western-Traveler (check out my favorite links if you would like to visit!) and his gorgeous photography. It is very fortunate, indeed, that he is such an adventurer and that he likes to photograph the amazing places he visits. I often enlist him to “miniaturize” favorite pictures for me to use in my various dollhouses. All of the photographs in this room box are ones that he has taken and printed in miniature for my use. Also featured in this room box are Native American artwork pieces created by my friend, and incredible artisan, Jude McQuay (Dusty Acres Miniatures, California).

The wine tasting room box was created inside of a photo storage box, and I purchased it from an unknown artisan on Ebay quite some time ago. I liked it because it utilized vintage Renwal furniture that would not be appreciated as much in a dollhouse setting. I did alter it is several ways (flower arrangements, custom-made plates, added knick-knacks, etc. . .) but it is still retains its original feel.



Last modified on: January 21st 2013.