Emma and her extensive wardrobe

“Emma” is a lovely young girl doll who was given to me by my aunt, Claudia Gillenwater.   Emma has an extensive wardrobe, much of which was also made by my aunt.

As Emma’s wardrobe started expanding, my father made a solid wood armoire to help house her much treasured dresses.  It is shown in the photo below, and all of the outfits in this particular wardrobe were made by my aunt.

If you look closely in the picture above, you will see that I have even made some jewelry for Emma.  I plan to make more soon. The pretty pastel dresses shown below are perfect for Springtime . . .

And every well-dressed girl needs a nice nightie, slippers, and robe!

Emma has a lot of options for most occasions . . .

And . . . even two special dresses for Christmas-time.

You might want to visit again soon.  Emma has been complaining that she hasn’t had a new outfit for a while, so I will probably have to get one for her!  Also, as I mentioned . . . I plan to make some more jewelry for her soon.  She likes her “bling”.



Last modified on: August 24th 2012.