Ethnic Dolls

I absolutely love dolls, and have had a wide range of them during my lifetime.  I do, however, tend to especially love  the “ethnic” dolls from all around the world.  I think that is because of two main reasons:  (1)  My (maternal) grandmother traveled the world and we decorated her lovely Christmas tree every year with dolls from the countries she visited;  and (2) I, myself,  am fascinated by the various cultures of the world and their art forms, so I find the dolls interesting from a historical,  as well as aesthetic,  viewpoint.

As I have begun photographing my dolls, I have come to realize that I have a larger collection than I realized.    Please check the sub-categories for the regions you are interested in.

The two dolls below are both pieces I found during one of my “treasure hunting excursions”, and I like them because they remind me of some of the dolls my Grandmother would have used on her Christmas tree.  I believe the one on the (bottom) left may be Turkish and the one on the right may be Swedish.

All for now, but check back often as I have a sizable collection of ethnic dolls and will be adding photos & descriptions as time allows.

Last modified on: October 7th 2012.