Dolls – Asian

While there are many variances among dolls from the various Asian countries,  I find all of them to possess a certain tranquility that is quite attractive.  The Chinese and Japanese dolls are some of my favorites, simply because they are clothed in beautiful, sumptuous silks.

The little girl doll shown below is Chinese.

The two shown below are  Japanese.  I love the delicacy of these dolls.

The doll shown below is a Chinese water carrier.  I love the detail of her costume and accessories.

The two Oriental dolls below are both diminutive in size, but lovely.  The doll on the left is a Chinese Rice Paddy Worker,  and the doll on the right is also Chinese, but I am unsure what the blond wig signifies.

The doll shown below is from Thailand.  I think she is lovely.

I will be adding some more of my Asian dolls as time permits, so please be sure to come back and visit again soon!

Last modified on: October 20th 2012.