Dolls – Latino

If you have visited my 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures (Casa Maria and Cantina El Toro), you will know that I have a special fondness for the vivid, festive  colors  that are such a part of Spanish and Mexican life.

All of the dolls shown below are from one of these two countries.

The wonderful Mariachi doll (shown below) is an antique from Barcelona, Spain.  It  is made of felt and papier mache’.  I think he is charming!

The antique doll shown below certainly doesn’t look like it would come from Spain, but it does.  I would have never, ever thought of a Bagpiper doll  being made there!

As a child, I remember being fond of Spanish Flamenco Dancer dolls – in fact, I vividly remember one of my all-time favorites:  she had  a beautiful pink lace dress and  I bought her during a trip to St. Augustine, Florida.  These (shown below) are much later additions to my collection.

The pretty little Mexican doll is quite old, and I love her pretty dress.

I have several more dolls from this region, so please be sure to come back soon for another visit.  I will add photos as time allows.

Last modified on: October 20th 2012.