Dolls – East Indian

I love the colors and textures of East Indian life.  The saris worn by the women are art forms in themselves.

The wonderful set of dolls below was a fortuitous find from the local Goodwill store and it is a depiction of an East Indian wedding ceremony.  I love anything from India, as I find the sensuous silks and vivid colors artistically stimulating.


Shown below is another East Indian doll dressed in a traditional sari.  Although she looks very much like one of the wedding party dolls above, I have actually had her much longer.

The tiny dolls shown below (also featured in my “dollhouse dolls” section) were a gift from a co-worker who brought them back from a visit to her homeland.  Many thanks, my friend!

Please come back to visit now and then, as I will add to this section as my collection grows and as time permits.

Last modified on: October 20th 2012.