Miscellaneous Dolls

I suspect this particular section will end up being quite sizable, as I do have many dolls in my collection, several of which I am not sure how to group.

The cute little twin dolls (shown below) are fairly modern, but I couldn’t resist the pair of them.  Made by Cititoys of China, they feature blinking eyes and matching outfits.  Their head mold number is TS12.

Cititoy Twin Dolls TS12 - 01AA

The lovely little girl doll (shown below) has a lot of character, and a really pretty outfit with a handknitted sweater.  I have no idea who the maker is, although I keep going back to wondering if she is a Marie Osmond doll.  If I ever find out for sure, I will post the information on here.

There are definitely more dolls coming to this section VERY soon, so please check back!

Last modified on: April 20th 2013.