Dolls – Ragdolls and Other Soft Bodied Dolls

When I was young, I had several beautiful rag dolls that my paternal great-grandmother “Mam” made for me.  I remember them fondly and wish that I still had them.

The cute little Campbell’s Soup Kid, shown below, is from 1993.

Campbell KidAA

I obtained this cute little witch doll some time back . . . isn’t she cute?

The soft bodied Snow White doll (shown below) is an antique and as such, does have a good bit of damage.  I still think she is special.

The two dolls shown below are both very small.  The one on the left is by the Ty company, and I don’t know the maker of the one on the right.

All of the dolls shown in the next four photos (below) are by the Ty Company.

The Little Red Riding Hood doll shown below is a 3-way doll . . . it can be converted to the Grandmother and also the wolf.

The diminutive rag doll shown below is Dolly Madison.

I have a lot more dolls for this category, so please be sure to come back for another visit . . . I’ll be adding more dolls as time allows!

Last modified on: April 20th 2013.