Polly Pocket dolls

When I was a little girl, growing up in a tiny Kentucky town, I used to enjoy walking “down town” to spend my allowance. We had a “five and dime” store – a part of Americana that has long since disappeared. I would frequently put my baby sister in her stroller and set off, with visions of cherry cokes at the local drug store fountain, (where I loved to twirl on the stool), toys, and visits with all of the town characters in my mind. These are cherished memories, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the electronic gizmos in the universe. Newer isn’t always better.

Despite the passage of decades, I distinctly remember one of my favorite purchases during one of those forays into town – it was a tiny plastic doll, and I thought she was beautiful. You may laugh when you hear this, but I paid 10 cents for her. Oddly enough, just recently I was remembering that doll and wishing that I still had her when I happened to come upon Polly Pocket dolls in a store. The resemblance to my original doll was surprising, and I felt a flood of nostalgia come over me. I love the fact that the Polly Pocket dolls have the added advantage of having adorable little outfits and (best of all) tiny, tiny shoes that can be interchanged.

I now collect the Polly Pocket dolls, and have discovered an amazingly talented artisan that creates custom-designed crocheted outfits for them. I marvel at the tiny stitches, the beautiful designs, and the wonderful variety she has come up with. Her name is Ann Woods, and a link to her Etsy store is listed in my favorite links.

Being a dollhouse collector & builder, I just couldn’t help myself – – – I just had to round up some dollhouses (which I have refurbished) for my Pollys. I also plan to do some Polly Pocket vignettes.

So, I hope you enjoy my Polly Pocket collection. They are just too cute! The pictures below show hand-crocheted outfits for my dolls by Ann Woods. In some of the pictures, there is no hat or purse, but Ann always includes each in the sets she creates.

Although I don’t usually go for the Polly Pocket sets, I couldn’t resist this cute little sledding set from the “Pop Up Destinations” series. The little box holds the doll & all the accessories, then opens up to a winter scene.

Last modified on: March 18th 2012.