Antique/Vintage Glass – Miscellaneous

As most collectors who have an extensive collection, I have several antique pieces that either don’t easily fall into a specific category or pieces that I simply don’t have enough of to group in that manner.   I will feature such pieces here, and I encourage you to check  back often as I do have a large amount of glassware that I have not photographed yet.  Enjoy!

The two biscuit jars shown below are both lead crystal, and I enjoy using them to hold a variety of things.

Photo, below:   (L) – Antique amethyst covered candy dish (R) Beautiful gilt-tipped goblet from the estate of my Grandmother, Grace Middleton.

The pretty little glasses shown below are quite old, and I love the deep designs on them.

The delicate glass shown below is lead crystal and is also very old.  The lovely grape pattern is always a classic favorite.

Last modified on: October 20th 2012.