Oriental Glassware – China, Japan, Etc. . .

I have always loved the beauty of oriental designs and the distinctive motifs that identify these pieces as being from that part of the world.  I find it fascinating that while some pieces are delicate, featuring muted colors and others are bold in both design and coloration, all are very recognizable as being uniquely oriental.  I can usually ascertain whether a piece is Japanese or Chinese just by looking at it, although I do slip up once in a while.

The lovely Westwood teapot shown (below) is Japanese Redware, decorated with floral moriage designs.  This piece is probably from the 1940’s and while these pieces are still very affordable, I find them to be particularly charming.

Teapot - Westwood Moriage 01AA

(Above view of teapot is the front, and view below is the back)

Teapot - Westwood Moriage 01BB

The lovely figurine shown (below) is a piece by the Japanese Tilso company.  I don’t know what year it originated, but with its lovely colors, I just really liked it.

Japanese Tilso - Bird Figurine 01AA

The set shown below is a lovely tea service that I was fortunate to obtain.  I don’t have any information about it, but I was drawn to it and knew I would enjoy adding it to my collection.


The lovely teapot and cup set shown below features a delicate crane pattern.  Although I have only shown one of the cups, I do own the full set.  I love the unusual muted color.

Although I have the teacup & saucer (shown below) also listed in my “teacups” section, I thought it was appropriate to include it here as well since it is Chinese, and features such a wonderful Chinese dragon.

The modern day teapots below are all Japanese. The two cat teapots are “Happy Cats” and are rumored to bring good luck.  The more traditional teapot features the ever prevalent,  lovely cherry blossom motif so popular in both Japanese and Chinese culture.

I have no idea how old the figurine (shown below) is, but I thought is was charming.  I love the expressions on the faces of the little boys.

The beautiful piece (shown below) is Japanese Nippon – a form of glassware in which I am always enamored.  This particular piece does have significant damage, but I love the beautiful colors and design so much that I have decided to keep it in spite of that damage.  I may put some silk vines in it to mask the flawed area.

The plate shown below is also Japanese Nippon.  It is handpainted, and a nice smallish size.

I do have more oriental pieces, and will be adding them soon, so please come back soon for another visit!

Last modified on: April 20th 2013.