Pottery and Majolica

I have a great fondness for pottery . . . in all of its many variations.  In American pottery, I particularly like some of the pieces with interesting imagery and glazing such as Weller, Ohio, and Roseville  (none of which, by the way I yet own).   And, while I know many people particularly enjoy collecting really old pieces, I only have a few, as I tend to lean toward a more aesthetically pleasing rather than utilitarian piece.

Within the vast realm of European pottery, I particularly love Majolica.  Italy and Spain are probably most well known for beautiful Majolica, but other countries have long created their own versions as well.  For instance, there are many Majolica collectors who focus entirely on British wares.  British Majolica is quite different from the Italian and Spanish style of Majolica in that it is more organic and more muted in color, while the Mediterranean Majolica is much more vibrant and dramatic in design.

Since there is so much variation in appearance, I will list my pottery & majolica pieces by category.  I will continue to add to this category, so please remember to check back once in a while!

Delft (Dutch) Pottery

Italian Majolica

Last modified on: September 7th 2012.