Delft (Dutch) pottery

As a child, I greatly admired many of the lovely items that my grandmother brought back from her travels to Holland.  Some of my personal favorites were the beautiful pieces of Delft pottery that featured traditional Dutch scenes.   Although I do not have any of the pieces that my grandmother owned, I have been fortunate enough to obtain a few pieces that are reminiscent of the ones I remember so well.

The pieces shown in the photo (below) are some of the pieces that remind me of the ones she had.  They are all vintage pieces, originally manufactured for world-famous Dutch liquor manufacturer “BOLS”, and they are clearly marked as such on the bottom of each bottle.  There are many other known designs for this company, but they tend to be somewhat difficult to find in the United States.

While most of us think of the blue and white designs when we think of Delft pottery, there is actually a surprising range of coloration and design within the Delft Pottery genre.  The Royal Goedewaagen company has made some of the most vibrantly colored pieces I have seen, and I particularly admire their tobacco jars.  I was delighted to come across the one shown below, and doubly pleased that it says “Pennsylvania” on it, as my sister lives in Pennsylvania (U.S.).  There are many other locale titles that were made, although the design elements are the same.  I am not sure how old this piece is, but I do know that it is vintage.

For now, this all that I own of Dutch pottery, but if I add to my collection, I will be sure to put anything new on here.  So, please come back again!


Last modified on: August 24th 2012.