Perfume Bottles

I have a relatively modest collection of perfume bottles, due in large part to the realization that the bottles I would most like to own are ones that could quickly decimate my already uninspiring financial situation.   I have spent a sizable amount of time admiring antique and vintage perfume bottles on-line, and have been amazed, inspired, and delighted by the elaborate, singular, and artistically enthralling pieces I have seen.  During these  enticing forays, I couldn’t help but notice that my favorites were all extravagantly expensive.

Of the three perfume bottles shown below, the first two are my most cherished pieces.  The one on the left was china-painted by my maternal great-grandmother.  Isn’t it just beautiful?  The central piece is very special to me because it belonged to her, as well.  I always saw it in her bathroom, and thought it was lovely.  It is a vintage piece that is probably Czech, and is known to be of the “malachite glass” family.   I thank my sister,  Maxine,  for giving this treasured piece to me, as she owned it for some time.  The piece on the right is a Japanese bottle, and is relatively contemporary.

The perfume bottle shown below is much prettier in person.  It is lead crystal, relatively small and from Sweden.

I will continue to add pieces as I have time to photograph them, so please come back for another visit soon!

Last modified on: October 17th 2012.