Miscellaneous Hobbies

I have always loved to “make stuff”, and I’ll dedicate this section to featuring things that I don’t do enough of to include in their own section.


Despite the fact I am not a painter, I do enjoy giving it a whirl once in a while. I especially like painting ceramics, The photos below show some of the Christmas pieces I have done . . .

Wooden Birdhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments with Bird Earrings

I wasn’t going to include these because I don’t have any good pictures of them, but one of my friends always loved these and told me she would like to see them again. I scanned the original photos that I did have of them, and as you can see . . . they’re didn’t scan all that well, but I hope that you can see the detail enough to get the general idea . . .

Last modified on: May 5th 2012.