Polymer Clay Items – Miscellaneous

Polymer clay is a wonderful medium, and one that I hope to explore further if/when I ever have more time available. Working full-time, it is very difficult to squeeze in all the things I wish to do. I tend to spend my very limited “free time” working on my dollhouse miniatures and beadwork.  * Note:  To see polymer clay jewelry items I have created, please visit my “Custom Jewelry – Polymer Clay” section.

I have used polymer clay to create a great many things . . . dollhouse miniatures, beads & cabochons to use in my custom jewelry designs, fancy ink pens, bowls, sculptures, earrings, etc. . .

As time permits, I will add photos to this section. I don’t have much of my polymer clay photographed yet, but I intend to include specific categories of completed polymer clay items at a later date. For the moment, I am including a few photos of some of the things I have done in this medium: (a) cabochons; (b) key chains, and (c) jewelry.

In the photo below, I have shown a variety of polymer clay cabochons that were made by myself, and my good friend, Professor Lesa Dill. We often got together & made batches of these. When we had groups of them made up, we would divide them, so I am never quite sure which one of us made which specific ones. At any rate, it was a great way to “mix it up” a bit and we had a lot of fun.

The ink pens shown in the photo below are quick and fun to make. They are also refillable, which is nice since you would hate to take the time to create something that would eventually be unusable. A wide variety of techniques may be used to achieve desired design effects (such as caning, Mokume’ Gane, or texturing), but I think that one of my favorite reasons for making these pens is that it is a great way to combine & use up bits and pieces of canes that you may have on hand from previous projects.

Last modified on: October 29th 2012.