My most recent artistic passion is that of paper quilling (also known as “filigriana”), which is an art form  in which an artist rolls long strips of paper into coils, shapes each one into various shapes and then uses those shapes to create an intricate, fascinating design.

Known to date back to the 13th century,  it is believed that this art form was developed by monks who used discarded gilt edges of religious book pages to create intricate reliquaries for use in religious ceremonies.   Extraordinary examples of this art form have been found in a wide range of countries during the many centuries following those first inspiring examples.  I was excited to learn that the famous Bronte’ sisters (favorite authors of mine!) were quillers.

Quilling  has been gaining increased popularity with the artisans of today, as well.  Many scrapbookers use quilled accents on their handcrafted greeting cards and gift tags.    Some of today’s best-known quillers are creating large-scale artwork, as well as intricate jewelry, beautiful boxes, and even such items as decorative cups & saucers, Faberge’ style eggs, and  holiday decorations.

I love this beautiful art form, and I plan to embark upon a thorough exploration of it.  I have sketched several planned projects, and will be sharing them with you as I complete them.  Since I am currently in the beginning stages of my quilling journey,  I hope you will check back often to see my finished pieces as I complete them.

Quilling- Home Decor

Quilling – Jewelry

Last modified on: January 21st 2014.