Travel Logs

Although I love to travel, I rarely get the opportunity to do so.  As such, I had not originally intended to include  a “Travel Log” section on this website.   However, due to having just returned from a wonderful (and unexpected)  whirlwind vacation to New Harmony, Indiana and St. Louis, Missouri,  I  now have several intriguing travel sites that I am delighted to share with you.

With sincere gratitude, I would like to thank my younger sister (Leanne Hernandez) for making this possible.  This vacation was my sister’s Mother’s Day gift to our mother, but she graciously included me . . . even to the extent of paying for all admissions and meals.  My sister is a very generous, caring soul and I cannot thank her enough for her thoughtfulness.

Since we visited many notable locations, I will provide a travel log for each one separately.  I hope you enjoy your on-line visit as much as I did my actual one.  It is astounding how many truly incredible and historic sites are within driving distance in this great country.  God Bless the USA!!!

I will also be adding a few more notable travel logs for favorite locations within my own region, so be sure to check back in for another visit soon!

Last modified on: May 17th 2012.