Midway, Kentucky

Above Photos by Chester M. Guy

Located in very close proximity to Lexington, Midway is one of my favorite historic towns. In addition to being a picturesque and engaging little town, it also has some of the most interesting history of the Bluegrass Region. The entire town was originally a single farm belonging to a gentleman by the name of John Francisco. He sold it to The Lexington and Ohio Railroad Company in 1835, making it Kentucky’s first railroad town. All of the main streets in Midway were named in honor or the railroad company’s founding officials. Many of the original structures have remained . . . there are a multitude of them on the National Historic Register. The entire region around Midway is historically significant, as well. For instance, this area was home to Indian Mound Builders, and several mounds have been located on farms in the Midway area. Another interesting site, just minutes from downtown Midway, is well-known Weisenberger Mill, which has remained in continuous operation through six generations. For more information on that, please follow the “Weisenberger Mill” link.

Above Photos by Chester M. Guy

Today’s Midway is a charming place to visit. There are several excellent restaurants, charming shops, and my very favorite art gallery: Damselfly, where I commission my beadwork and dollhouse miniatures when I have time to create. I can never step foot in that beautiful gallery without seeing several items, by an intriguing selection of Kentuckiana artisans, that I wish to buy. Midway also has one very famous resident to call its own . . . award-winning actor Sam Shepherd. I have sometimes wondered how he ever found this charming, but tiny town nestled in the Kentucky Bluegrass. I certainly agree that Midway is hospitable, inspiring, and unique.

Above Photos by Rose Marie Guy

If you get an opportunity to visit Midway, I think you will enjoy your visit. I also predict you will return as often as possible! Additional links pertaining to specific Midway sites are provided below:

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Last modified on: May 22nd 2012.