Weisenberger Mill – Midway, Kentucky

Located just outside of historic Midway, this beautiful mill has been in operation at this location since 1865. The mill was originally purchased by August Weisenberger, an immigrant from Baden, Germany. It is still operated by this family, currently run by the 6th generation. If you look closely at the photo (below, left) you will notice the name “Phil J. Weisenberger”. According to the Weisenberger Mill website, this was the son of the original founder.

Above Photos by Chester M. Guy

Weisenberger Mill is located on South Elkhorn Creek, which continues to generate the power needed to run the mill. This fortuituous location has the added advantage of being picturesque and serene. During each visit, I always take a few extra moments to stroll along the creek, just to enjoy the ambience.

Above Photo by Rose Marie Guy

In the early days of production, the primary goods offered were soft wheat flour and white cornmeal. Since that time, their product line has been expanded to include a wide variety of cornmeals, muffin mixes, bread and hush puppy mixes, etc. I can personally attest to the high level of quality of each product, as I always stop in when on my way to Midway to stock up on these delicious products. They are also very easy to prepare, which is a real plus for today’s busy bakers.

Above Photo by Rose Marie Guy

One of the things that I love most about visiting this mill is getting to look at all of the huge stone grinding wheels that have been used in the mill during so many productive decades. These must weigh a ton!

Above Photo by Chester M. Guy

I also particularly love all the creative ways that these grinding wheels, once worn out and discarded from primary use, have been integrated into the adjoining landscape . . . they have been used within fence lines as posts, decorations, and markers to excellent aesthetic effect.

Above Photos by Rose Marie Guy

Above Photo by Rose Marie Guy

In summary, I would like to say that I know of few places that offer both history and gorgeous scenery for literally no cost. Of course, if you want to have the best possible experience, I recommend that you spend a few dollars and take home some of their fantastic products. Then, you can relive the visit by enjoying a taste of local history.

If you would like to visit the mill, the physical address is:
2545 Weisenberger Mill Road
Midway, KY 40347

Hours of Operation are: Monday – Friday 8am-4:30pm & Saturday 9am-12 noon. The telephone number is: 859-254-5282

Last modified on: May 24th 2012.