Beadwork – Non-Jewelry

Most of the beadwork that I have done has been jewelry.  Having said that, however, I can assure you that this art form also translates very well into other objects.

Some of the non-jewelry items that I have created, using various beadwork techniques  are:  candle holders, beaded curtains, decorative boxes, vases, Christmas ornaments, doll’s jewelry, and dollhouse miniatures.

This little beaded jar (photo, below) was created with a combination of peyote , spiral,  and applique stitch.  I made it to hold cotton balls or other small grooming items.

This decorative tableware accent set (photo, below) consists of a glass vase and matching votive candle holder on a wooden base with a dramatic crystal spiderweb and spider.  The vase was stitched in netting stitch, with embellished vines, leaves, and berries.  The matching votive candle holder was stitched in a like manner, with the added element of fringing.

More Pictures will follow when I can figure out where I put my camera.  I just hate it when I put stuff in a “safe place” . . . it’s always so safe that I can’t find it when I want it!

Last modified on: March 29th 2012.