Why does one person need 3 t.v.’s? Cat T.V. is why!

As you can probably guess, my cats are horribly spoiled. I figure if you want to have pets or children, you are supposed to take good care of them, love them, and provide not only for their needs, but for the things that make them happy, as well.

My cats are (undeniably) t.v. junkies. All of my cats except Maggie mostly prefer animal shows, and if those animal shows happen to have lots of birds in large bird cages or the big cats (lions, tigers, panthers, etc. . .) that is all the better. Now, about Maggie . . . she is an Antiques Roadshow junkie which mostly works out well for me because I am too. I found out the hard way, however, that Maggie wants to watch that show even if it is a re-run. I have tried, in the past, to turn to another channel if I had seen that particular episode . . . only to have Maggie turn her back to me, flatten her ears, and let out an exasperated growl. It was only upon restoring the program that Maggie returned to her usual easy-going self.

Another one of my cats (Liam) shares my enthusiasm for action flicks, true life crime, and Dog the Bounty Hunter episodes. When any of those are on, Liam and I curl up together (him with his Temptation treats, and me with my popcorn) and settle in for a good couch potato session. In addition to our shared passion for true-life crime t.v., Liam and I are both HUGE fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and we love to watch their videos. What can I say? Liam and I both know a killer band when we hear one!!

It isn’t at all unusual for me to be watching my t.v., Maggie be watching her t.v., and the others be watching their t.v. Oh, the things we do for them . . .

Last modified on: May 27th 2017.