My Cats

In this section, I have posted pictures & anecdotes about my current “cat family”, as well as tributes and anecdotes of cats that I have shared my life with in the past. It would never be “home” for me without my pets – somehow, they always manage to make even the darkest days several shades lighter by lifting my mood. They consistently show me loyalty, affection, and appreciation. They also give me a lot of laughs with their individual personalities and silly actions.

Top (L) – Liam (R) Maggie (and don’t even think about trying to get those mice)

Bottom (L) – Shadow (R) Maggie & Liam loving it up!

Liam and Maggie are biological brother & sister. Here are some close-ups of Liam (handsome little guy, isn’t he?!) . . . I almost lost him last year to a serious and unexpected bout of kidney problems, so each day is a special gift we share.

His sister, Maggie, was featured in a desktop Cat Fancy calendar a few years ago. I’ll try to add that picture later. Maggie is such a little lady – always polite!

Shadow, my Russian Blue, was originally my sister’s cat but due to my nephew’s allergies, she came to live with me. She loves having siblings, so it has worked out well.

La Luna is my “postal” cat. I found her huddling outside in the smoker’s area on a frigid winter’s night, and she was ravenously hungry. Not knowing what else I could do since I had just started my shift, I bundled her up in my coat and put her in my car with a hot dog from the vending machine. She made it through the night just fine, and has been my devoted companion every since. La Luna has Siamese ancestry (it is quite obvious when you see her in person), and the temperament to match. She is incredibly smart, and she certainly won’t take any foolishness off of anyone (including me). I am so glad that came into my life – when I am down or not feeling well, there is no more devoted friend.

Last modified on: March 24th 2012.