Bead Weaving Techniques – Peyote (a.k.a. Gourd) Stitch

Peyote Stitch is one of the most used stitches in bead weaving.  It creates an interlocking effect, and can be adapted in many useful ways.  The very popular “amulet bag” necklaces are often created with this stitch.  The two examples below are both classic examples of bags made using  Peyote Stitch, done “in the round” to create a seamless bag.  The first design (below, left) is one of my own original designs, entitled “Hidden Menagerie” because I hid several animal shapes throughout the weave pattern.  To find each hidden creature, one must turn the bag up, down, and all around!  The lid slides upward to allow access inside the bag.  The second bag (below, right) is the first amulet bag I ever made, and while I don’t know who the designer was, I would like to thank my friend Mary Ann Saber for taking the time to give me advice & the pattern.


The amulet bag (photo, below) is one that I beaded from a pattern by one of my favorite designers:  Suzanne Cooper.  I love anything  from the realm of fantasy, and wanted one for my own collection.


I also love anything Egyptian (I have dozens of books about Egypt), and you already know that I love cats . . . so, it was natural that I would have to bead an Egyptian Bastet amulet bag for myself.  This lovely pattern was designed by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, and it has remained one of my favorite of her patterns.


Last modified on: April 20th 2014.