Bead Weaving Techniques – Spiral Stitch

This is one of my very favorite stitches.  It is very simple to learn (although a bit time consuming to complete), and it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  It is also a very strong stitch, as multiple thread passes are required to achieve the desired shape.  I have done these spirals in monochromatic schemes, in multi-colored schemes, with surface embellishment, and with varying sizes, textures, and shapes of beads.  The possibilities for new and exciting variations are endless, with truly unique patterns often the result.

In the necklaces below, I have used this stitch in a  fairly straightforward manner so as to better accentuate the interesting dichroic pendants used as focals.  Other than combining colors that worked well with the main focals, I did not stray from the basic stitch pattern.



In the next example, I embellished the spiral chain with freshwater pearls, larger (triangular) seed beads, and various accent beads.  Yet, it is the exact same stitch pattern as the simple version.


The two necklaces shown below are further examples of the dramatic difference in appearance that can be achieved simply by using varied types & sizes of beads together (necklace on left) versus the much more simple look (necklace on the right) achieved by using monochromatic, consistently sized beads.


Although I have most often used this stitch to create necklace chains or bracelets, it can also be used very effectively as an embellishment technique.  Look closely at the pin in the photo below (and please excuse the glare on the horse – my flash was rather emphatically uncooperative that day) . . . the entire edging is done in this stitch!


Last modified on: April 20th 2014.