Custom Jewelry – Fiber Weaving Technique

This is one of the most unusual types of jewelry that I create, and I especially love this technique because the creative possibilities are endless. Each item is woven on a specially constructed weaving board . . . which is also made by myself. The body of the piece (in these pictures, all necklaces) is woven of yarns and threads, with a variety of beads and other objects used for embellishment. There is a wide variety of interesting yarns and threads that can be used to great effect: variegated and hand-dyed varieties, those with interesting textures, etc. . . I most usually work with a specific diameter of yarns, but by mixing up the types and sizes of the yarns & threads, a truly unique piece may emerge. Like most of the other items I create, these pieces take a good bit of time to complete, but I believe they are well worth the effort as they are unique and you certainly won’t see other people with anything like them. Fiber-Weaving-01A-650x487a Fiber-Weaving-02A-650x487a

Last modified on: April 20th 2014.