My Rehab Houses – Custom Built

Each one of these dollhouses is a custom-built house, and some of them are even realistic replicas of real-life houses.   As much as I believe that each and every dollhouse should be preserved, I believe it is especially important that these unique specimens survive the test of time.

The first house I will feature is “The College Street House”, which was built by my own father (Ronald Guy) in 1968 as a Christmas gift for my elder sister, Maxine.  This house started its life as a bonafide Victorian, and was quite different in appearance both inside and out at its inception.  Over the years, my elder sister moved several times, and she ended up handing the house down to my younger sister who is not, by any stretch, a miniatures enthusiast.  After I lost my own dollhouse to a house fire, this was given to me to rehabilitate, and I did so happily.  My father re-worked the damaged structure  prior to me receiving it, and the two photos shown below are what it looked like when I got it.

The College Street House - 01AA

The College Street House - 01BB

To see this house in its now completed form, click on this link:  The College Street House

The next house (shown below), which I have not yet started to rehab,  is an old southern mansion that I plan to turn into an elaborate Bed & Breakfast.  I bought it at a yard sale, and it is going to require a lot of work because the interior is awful, much of the structural detail is woefully out of scale, and it is not in the best condition over-all.  Despite all of this, I can visualize a true beauty when it is done.

Kentucky Rose B & B - 01AA

Next in line is the lovely cedar-shingled house (shown below) that I refer to simply as “the New York house”, as it is a replica of a house in that state.  After I made some drastic modifications to the interior, I found that I like this house a lot.  Whoever built it had the right idea, but they made some glaring errors in the lay-out of the interior.

New York House - 01A

New York House - 01B

New York House - 01C

The darling little Amish house shown below is quarter scale, and was fully enclosed when I bought it.  I have removed the back and plan to install a two-floor interior.

Quarter Scale Amish House - 01A

The next “house” (shown below) is also quarter scale, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  I plan for it to be a fairy tree house, and I have had it for quite some time.  I only wish I knew who made it.  I have a lot of fun ideas for this one, and hope to begin work on it soon.

Tree Trunk Fairy House - 01AA

These are all I will post for now, but please check back soon as I have many, many more to post.  In fact, my favorites are still to come!




Last modified on: April 27th 2013.