As a postal worker, since 1998. I felt that I should recreate a miniature of the “old-time post office” that so many of us grew up with, and felt was an integral part of our life. Make no mistake . . . as an extremely stressed-out, exhausted, and disillusioned USPS employee, this organization has caused me (and so many others) a great deal of unnecessary heartache and grief over the years, and I am NOT applauding them. I just felt that since they had been a major part of my life, for better or worse, over the years, they should be represented.

I did actually enjoy making this replication. I found it nostalgic to recreate, from memory, the post office of my childhood . . .the service desk, with miscellaneous forms & retail items, the post office boxes, etc. . . I also enjoyed integrating actual postage stamps as artwork, and I used stamps that were relevant to me and my family: for instance, the Mammoth Cave stamp was in honor of my brother (Chester M. Guy) who worked at that park for many years and ended up retiring from there. I integrated the Tiffany stamp because I especially enjoy and appreciate glass-work. I have always loved anything created by the Tiffany studio. I included the Native American beadwork stamp because it was representative of both my love of beadwork, and my paternal Native American heritage.

As I write this, it appears that the USPS may be on its way out. It is so sad that an integral part of our American culture has been critically damaged by self-serving, mindless “management” and by unethical political gain.. As you look at the pictures, I hope you will remember America as it used to be. It was a beautiful and ethical place, once upon a time, and the small-town Post Office was always an icon of solid American values. . Good-bye, Small-town America – your demise is my heartache.!

Last modified on: March 15th 2012.