Flowers, Floral Arrangements, and Wreaths

I am forever making things to go in my many dollhouses.  I do this, in part, because miniatures are so expensive to purchase but perhaps even more so, because I absolutely love the creative process of miniaturization.  It is both challenging and satisfying to create something so tiny that accurately emulates its full-size version.

One particular category of miniature that is very difficult to create in life-like detail is that of plants and flowers.  I have made these items from virtually every material that I work with, and I find that both polymer clay and paper are the best candidates for realism.

In the wreath below, I have made the flowers from paper, and then constructed the wreath from  a synthetic material.  The little paper flowers take absolutely forever to make, and I can only do these when I have a substantial block of time available to work.

Although I do find it necessary to make most of my flowers if I want specific species, I also keep a close eye out at the craft stores for silk flowers small enough to use in landscaping scenes.  Trust me, a person can save a lot of time by adapting silk stems . . .  just exercise diligence in using choices that (a) closely resemble real flowers, (b) are correct in terms of scale, and (3) that blend in well with surrounding flora and fauna.  It can also pay off to closely scrutinize each stem to see if there is any “filler material” that might be separated to work as a flower stem by itself.  On many an occasion, I have snipped off tiny bits and pieces for use  in my miniatures, and nonchalantly tossed the “real” flower aside.  Things certainly look different when you are looking through your “miniature lens”!

I have made a lot of floral  arrangements in the past, and I know I have photos somewhere . . . I will add them when they surface and I will also be making more items soon.    Please check back  as I’ll be adding photos of those items when possible.

Last modified on: January 21st 2013.